Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ready, set

Well, I haven't started hiking yet and my plans have already changed.  The departure date is now March 19th.  I pushed it back a week because I've been hurrying around these last two weeks and I don't want to rush out of here.  I'm nervous, too, so I have that to contend with. 

Two weekends ago I worked my last night at the bar and spent the entire next day moving out of my little room in the house on Oakridge in Athens. Pauline moved into her apartment the same weekend, so I spent a lot of energy moving my stuff down to Atlanta and helping Pauline and Bella settle into their new home.  Needless to say, I woke up Sunday morning with a fever and a sore throat.  The fever went away quickly, only to be followed by awful phlegm and mucus and still a scratchy, sore throat.  I left this past Friday for Newport News, VA with Pauline to visit her hometown and godmother.  The trip was really great for me to see where she grew up and meet someone so important to her, but the 10 hour drive there and back surprisingly wasn’t all that relaxing. 

So, I’m back now and have just a few more things to get done before I leave, but mostly I just want to relax a little bit.  I want to get some good sleep and get completely better and leave feeling refreshed.  I’m going to take a video of all of the gear and stuff I’ll be taking and post it on here, so look for that soon.

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